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The Snortwhores

The Snortwhores are an alternative physical comedy duo featuring performers Emily Newton and Jeff Desautels. They use everything at their disposal to create immersive theatrical experiences such as clowning, vaudeville, large wigs and trash bags. 


King Louise and Marie Antoinette will grace your party with their presence. Their beauty will astonish you. Be sure to show your respect or some one will be bound to lose their head.

Disaster Fantasy has taken off!! Get you

Welcome to Fantasy Airlines, where flight attendants Cyndi and Charlie Snortwhore will guide you on a plane ride to the unknown. Put your tray table up, stow your bag, and experience the ride of your life/death.


The Peoples Community Coral Choir Collective of Portland sing original songs that will tear at your heartstrings and ears. Favorites include: 'Full Body Bubble', 'Goldfish Frank' and 'Disgusting Little Children'.

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