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the world's most entertaining entertainer!

FRANK by Anthony Arnista + Arnista Photo

World-renowned! The Rat Pack’s 'original' Frank! America’s ritzy, sophisticated songster and most entertaining entertainer will mesmerize you with his unique charm and charisma.

This riveting glimpse into a very special “leading man” will grab you by your shoulders and make you feel nostalgia for a star you never knew!

His show, FRANK: to be Frank (directed by Deanna Fleysher) was described as 'a solo show that is actually good' (The Mercury, PDX) and 'complete and beautiful nonsense' (Plank Magazine, VAN).

This international treasure has been seen at the Vancouver and Orlando Fringe Festivals, Summer fest (PDX), Zero-to-Fierce (CA), Follies at the Funhouse (PDX) and was the 'one-man band' for the Curious Cabaret from 2019-22 (PDX). Frank has been as artist in residence at The Lookout Arts Quarry (2022) and the Sou'Wester Arts week (2023).

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