'a  beautifully  skilled  physical  performer  with  a  particular  gift  for physical  characterization   in   multiple   theatrical   styles   and   genres'

          - Ronlin foreman

              (former head of school dell'arte  International)

special skills


Education +training

MFA Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre                              

Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, CA, USA


Advanced Diploma: Small Companies and Community Theatre

North Metropolitan Institute of Technology, VIC, AUS


Clown - Giovanni Fusetti (Italy), Ronlin Foreman (USA), Justus Newman (AUS), Jeff Raz (USA)

Bouffon - Deanna Fleysher (USA), Nathaniel Justiniano (USA)

Puppetry - Phillipe Genty Company (France), Terrapin Puppet Theatre (AUS), My Darling Patricia (AUS)

Theatre – Punchdrunk (UK), Finucane and Smith (AUS)


OTHER  skills

Violin, ukulele, piano, guitar, singing, tap dance, mask, commedia dell’arte, tumbling, yoga, roller skating, puppetry, hair and make-up, costume/prop design and production.

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photos courtesy of: Shaun Wilson, Anthony Arnista and Bret Salinger


Character creation and performance

Physical comedy

Audience interaction


Oregon Children’s Theater (OR, USA)                                  

Dell’Arte Theater Company (CA, USA)

Terrapin Puppet Company (TAS, AUS)

The Children’s Art Theater of China

(Shanghai, CHI)

Tasmanian Theatre Company (TAS, AUS)

Vancouver Fringe Festival (CAN)

Summerfest @ CoHo Productions (OR, USA)

Orlando Fringe Festival (FL, USA)

Fertile Ground Festival (OR, USA) 

JAW Festival, Portland Center Stage (OR, USA)                        

Fools Fury Festival (CA, USA)

The Mad River Festival (CA, USA)

Festival of Voices (TAS, AUS)


The Australian Burlesque Festival (TAS, AUS)

Come Out Festival (ADL, AUS)

10 Days on the Island (TAS, AUS)

Awakenings Festival (VIC, AUS)

The Taste Festival (TAS, AUS)

The Falls Festival, Arts Village (TAS, AUS)

SPecial Events

Clowns Without Boarders Benefit (USA)

Raising Hope Dinner - Providence Cancer Center

Camp OCT: Oregon Children's Theater Gala (USA)

Blast Off! Oregon Children's Theater Gala (USA)

Falling Clown: Physical Comedy Showcase (USA)

University of Tasmania Comedy Gala (AUS)           

The Bijou Group’s Ruby Review (AUS)                        

Frockin’ Hilarious Comedy Showcase (AUS)

Female Jelly Wrestling (AUS)

The Bro-Lesque Cabaret (AUS)