Mask Construction and Play
In-depth investigation of mask construction and play. Including: found mask, card-board construction, full-body mask, 3D mask, commedia dell'arte and Balinese traditional mask and dance. (Photo by Anthony Arnista)
Commedia dell'arte
Commedia dell’arte is a form of theatre characterized by masked “types” which began in Italy in the 16th century. 'A physical celebration of human passions pushed to the extreme, commedia requires skill and discipline on the part of the actor, at the same time that it plays with the dynamics of chaos, disorder and improvisation' (dell' (Photo by Carol Eckstein)
In Melodrama characters are moved into action by the forces of the world around them- so we see human action against the background of a moral universe. Image based character work, grand gesture, and emotion lie at the heart of this territory.' (dell' (Sister Wives, 2012, photo by Carol Eckstien)
Tech Support, 2012
An in depth investigation of 'Red Nose' clown resulted in 'Tech Support': Three clowns change a light bulb. Featuring Emily June Newton as 'Sylvette'. (Photo by Carol Eckstein)
Box of Robbers (An Adaptation)
Inspired by the Frank L. Baum short story: Box of Robbers, this piece aims to 'manifest in the space and time of the stage, the story that the author wrote.' (dell' (Photo by Audrey Leclare)
An eight-week investigation of 'Tragedy' 'explores the mass, force, and dimension of tragedy. We seek to understand and experience the nature of awe.The Tragedy project is the apex of our study of both character and the dynamic forces that we believe the actor must become conduit for.' (Dell' This photo is taken from the production of 'Harvest of Stones' 2013 (Photo by Nels Israelson)
Exploring an excerpt of a Billy Collin's poem, lead to a story about a woman who holds herself captive. (Buried Alive, 2013, photo by Janessa Johnsrude)
Dell'Arte International presents 'Babes in Toyland' (Holiday Show)
'The annual Dell’Arte Company Holiday Show has toured to rural and urban communities throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon since 1980. Venues range from large, lofty theaters to local elementary school cafeterias and reaches approximately 5,000 to 8,000 people each year, including many school-aged children. Since 2004 third year students have devised the annual holiday show in collaboration with the Dell'Arte Company. Students co-create and act in the play and each fulfill an administrative or management role in production and while on tour.' (Dell' (Photo by Anthony Arnista)
International Internship: Bali, Indonesia
A one month internship in Ubud, Bali, saw training in both masked dance and traditional shadow puppetry. Newton was trained in design, construct and operate traditional Balinese shadow puppets. (2014)
That Sinking Sensation
How does Tragedy slam into Comedy? Can we make the audience cry out in laughter whilst crying out in sorrow? 'That Sinking Sensation' is a tragi-comedy that deals with a woman drowning in her bowl of soup. (2014, photo by Christopher Duggan)
The Waltzing Tree (Terrapin Puppet Theatre)




Practitioner  of the  dramatic  arts means  that  Newton   is  both  trained  and  experienced  in  a variety  of  theatrical forms  including: Commedia  Dell'Arte,  MAsk-play,  clown,  melodrama,  story telling,  literary adaptations,tragedy, melodrama, bouffon, and  puppetry. Click on  the  photos  for  more  information.

all Photos courtesy of: Lou Conboy,  Second Glance Photography,  Anthony Arnista,  Bret Salinger,  khaotic image,  Christoper Duggan, audrey leclair   and Janessa Johnsrude









Madam Goulash (MC/Host 2008 - 2015 - Alley Cat Comedy, TUU Comedy, The Forge, The Taste Festival, Falls Festival and MANY private functions.)
Known for her thick Eastern European accent, corsetry and commanding hosting abilities. Seen throughout Tasmania (and beyond).
Pat McKensie (DAI Decathlon, Harvest Moon Festival (2013), Korbel V (2014), Life Lessons with Pat (2014) + Press Play at PCS (2015).
World traveler, widow and mum is currently traveling the USA giving motivational talks and hosting events.
Maurice Lombardo (Toussaint Cabaret (2010), The Bro-Lesque Cabarets (2010/11), MONA Opening (2010) Convict City Roller Derby (2011).
He doesn't say much, but his dance skills speak louder than words. Maurice can be found dancing up a storm for any occasion.
Tuts McGee (MC for Female Jelly/Jello Wrestling 2010/11/13, Hobart, Australia)
Pro-female Jelly/Jello Wrestler, now retired, continues her involvement in the sporting arena by providing her skills as a hostess and commentator for events such as Female Jelly Wrestling.
Aurora (La Fenetre at Mad River Festival CA + Fools Fury Festival 2014, Fertile Ground OR 2015)
This uptown lady, fancy and refined, is in constant dramatic turmoil with life and life. Who will take care of her? La Fenêtre is a clown play about love and all the difficulties it presents.
Frank ('That Sinking Sensation' 2014 + 'Being Frank' 2015)
Cigar chomping, joke telling, all man and all woman - this ambiguous creature loves a good laugh as much as he/she loves his/her cigars.

Characters, characters  everywhere! Over the last few years, Newton has been developing a wide range of characters - each is significantly different from the other, male, female or both, SHE  can  create  a  character  for any  occasion. Each of these characters can function as a Host/MC for various events and has performed in variety shows, cabarets and  festivals. Each character possess the ability to make the audience laugh and challenge social norms.                   Click on a character to find out more....


'......Emily June Newton moves deftly and sharply

                 through various characters.... '

                                                 - Oregon Arts Watch, USA



Emily June Newton moves deftly and sharply through several roles...

- Oregon arts watch, USA




Ki Ki Drumsticks (Pictured at the Las Vegas Grind Cabaret in 2011)
Being an ex-show girl, Ki Ki understands what the ladies need on the stage and what the audience wants - she is a perfect 'filler' for a fantastic night.
Roving Performance/Walk-a-round (Picture from The Taste Festival 2010, Hobart, Australia)
Newton has worked in the position of 'walk around' entertainment at festivals nationally and internationally.
The Silent Cowboy (The Bro-lesque Cabaret 2010/11 and Festival of Voice's Voices of Vice 2011).
Packed in back-less pants and moving to the beat of his own Raw-Hide. This cowboy forgot his horse and wound up at events nationwide.
Tuts McGee (Host of Jelly Wrestling 2010/11)
Busty and bold, she'll knock you out with her dazzling wits. McGee has hosted female wrestling extravaganzas all over Tasmania, well Hobart.
Maurice Lombardo (performing with dance partner at the opening of MONA in Hobart, Tasmania alonside Pinky Beecroft and the White Russians 2010.)
Half-time entertainment or special dance request. Maurice is your man.
Pat McKensie (Harvest Days Festival, USA 2013)
From bus tours, to ghost walks to motivational speaking. Pat is your gal! This Aussie mum will give it all a go.
George L. Rodgers (Rita's 50th 2013)
You may be expecting guests, and he is no exception. Don't be surprised when George has your grandma up and dancing in front of your relatives at your 21st birthday party.
Madam Goulash (Pictured here hosting a fund raiser in 2010)
This eastern European beauty is no stranger to the stage. Having hosted cabarets, functions, roller derby bouts and the odd private function, the madam is sure to spice up your experience.

make me laugh!

Drawn to comedy at an early age, Newton hit her stride when she started experimenting with comedic characters, cabaret and stand up comedy. She found she had a gift for the funny and moved on into MC-ing functions and events including: female jelly wrestling, ghost tours, private functions, birthday parties and most recently, a decathlon. Her experience in these areas exceeds almost a decade with performances nationally and internationally.


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